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2014 Open North American Championship Sled Dog Race

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2014 Checkpoint times (Sled Dog Central)
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Annamaet Petfoods
Annamaet Petfoods

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Hampton Inn and Suites

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ONAC Start Order

Below is the start order for the first heat of ADMA’s three-day 2014 GCI Open North American Championship, which begins this Friday, March 21 at 1 p.m. on 2nd Avenue in downtown Fairbanks. Big thanks to GCI for supporting this event again for the 10th year. And thanks to the MANY volunteers who make this [...]

ONAC Draw and Purse

Sign-up and draw for the 2014 GCI Open North American will take place on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014. The draw will be held in the Northern Latitudes Room in the Westmark Hotel. Sign ups will begin at 6:30PM. Draw will begin at 8:PM Drivers’ Meeting will be held immediately following the Draw.

2014 ONAC $15,000 [...]

North American Race Purses Announced

Thanks to GCI, the Open North American Championship has a minimum guaranteed $15,000 purse.

Thanks to Annamaet Petfoods, the Limited North American Championships has a guaranteed $5,000 purse.

2013 ONAC/IFSS WCh timesheets & links


Day 2 ONAC timesheet

Day 3 ONAC timesheet

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ONAC/IFSS WCh Entry Fee & Purse

Total Purse $25,000 Entry Fee 250 Trail fee 50 ISDRA 10 Total $310 Payout $25,000 1st 18.00% 4,500 2nd 15.00% 3,750 3rd 12.00% 3,000 4th 10.00% 2,500 5th 8.50% 2,125 6th 7.25% 1,813 7th 6.00% 1,500 8th 5.00% 1,250 9th 4.00% 1,000 10th 3.00% 750 11th 2.75% 688 12th 2.50% 625 13th 2.25% 563 [...]

2013 ONAC Sign-up & Draw

The drawing for the GCI Open North American Championship will be Wednesday evening at the Pioneer Park Civic Center. Doors open at 6:00 pm, draw starts at 7:00 pm.

The 68th running of the ONAC will start Friday March 15th at 1 pm on 2nd Avenue in downtown Fairbanks.

ONAC/IFSS World Championship

Here is a message from ADMA president Jeff Conn:

I’m sorry that the information concerning entry and participation in the Open North American has been confusing. We probably haven’t done as good a job as we should in getting the word out as to what is happening with the ONAC this year. As you know, [...]

ONAC vs IFSS Open World Championship

The following statement is from Mike Marsch, MUSA president and should clarify concerns of eligibility to race. ADMA will except all comers. You will find the complete statement on the MUSA site: http://www.mushingusa.org/

“The final point of clarification has to do with the ONAC and Two Rivers events. In order to race for Team USA [...]

ONAC start order

1. Mike Fields (18) rookie 2. Luke Sampson (16) 3. Jessica Hendricks (16) rookie 4. Mark Hartum (16) 5. John Hanson Jr (?) rookie 6. Greg Taylor (17) 7. Randi DeKupier (12) 8. Rob Peebles (18) 9. John Erhart (16) 10. Egil Ellis (14) 11. Rob Worden (12) rookie 12. Guy Girard (15) rookie 13. [...]

Open North American, Final Results

ALASKA DOG MUSHERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC. GCI OPEN NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP March 20, 2011 Downtown 27.5 Miles TEMP: 34 TRAIL: Good BIB NO. FINISH ELASPED WIN 2-DAY TOTAL WIN NO. MUSHER DOGS ORDER TIME ORDER TIME TIME ORDER REMARKS 1 Egil Ellis 10-2 15 96:35.1 2 128:37.8 225:12.9 1 2 Arleigh Reynolds 11-2 12 96:13.9 [...]