1997-98 ADMA Race Results

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December 7: Cold Spot Feeds Challenge #1  Table Text
December 14: Cold Spot Feeds Challenge #2:    Table Text
January 11: The Gas Line Challenge #3:    Table Text
January 18:  ADMA Challenge #4: Table Text
February 8: Grubstake Feed Challenge #5  Table Text
February 29 - March 1: Eielson Winter Carnival        (Local race not sponsored by ADMA)
March  7 - 8: North Pole Winter Carnival  (Local race not sponsored by ADMA)

ADMA Championship Races:

February 21 & 22: Gold Run Table Text
March 13 - 15: Limited North American Table
March 18: Jeff's Race Table

March 20 - 22: Open North American Start order & hometowns
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

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